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The Isham Samples & other Linen Edgings: Sixteenth & Seventeenth Century Lace Book 2
Gilian Dye
60 pp, A5 size, Softcover (2012)
Price: £12.00 + P&P
ISBN 978 0 9553223 4 1
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Sometime in the 1620s Elizabeth Isham wrote to her father sending him samples of linen edgings which she said he should be buying for the then fashionable ‘bands’ (collars). ‘The Isham Samples and other Linen Edgings’ describes reconstructions of these tiny samples, alongside wider edgings, many including black or pink/red contrasts found on shirts, jackets, collars and other items. It is the second in a series of books on different aspects of sixteenth and seventeenth century bobbin lace, each providing historical context, illustrations of original lace and worked samples, together with patterns and working diagrams.